20th Century Fox approached Armed Mind in 2015 to help generate engaging content for core fans of the Alien Franchise. Much of this tends to revolve around significant moments in the year for the brand, like the birthday of its creator, Ridley Scott, or major holidays, like Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.

Other times, we've been involved in creating assets for the yearly celebration of all things Alien on 4/26, a reference to the dead planet LV-426 from the 1979 film. All in all, this is a very fun property to come back to time after time.


To celebrate Thanksgiving in 2017, I was tasked with creating a meat thermometer that looked like a "chestburster" from the original film, and to add it to a TV shopping style shot.

Fan reception was overwhelmingly positive, with many calling for it to be made into a product immediately. 

In an effort to announce Alien Day 2018, I put together a video file based off the Nostromo's boot-up sequence from the film, complete with a from-scratch built and animated Xenomorph!


This has turned into my default birthday card cover for my friends- "Burst-Day" is so punny! Copy written by someone more skilled at that kind of thing than I at Armed Mind.