To help promote the digital and physical release of the film, 20th Century Fox partnered with Armed Mind to create content for fans on social media. 

For consistency to the film, I heavily referenced Ash Thorp and Ryan Cashman's gorgeous work for the fictional/future UI used in the film. Check out Ash's gorgeous case study here. 

For a detailed overview of this project, click here.


I knew we were going to need to build something similar to Ash and Ryan's work, but without the benefit of their production files or the timeline they had to build their procedural approach, I had to move fast to generate a 3D model of the central technology for reading one's genetic history in the film.

Time was of the essence, and to match Ash and Ryan's work, I knew there wasn't a need for clean topology or a production-ready sub-d model. 3D-Coat was chosen for it's speed. 



The central piece of the PAX East activation was a green screen that attendees could have their photo taken against. These photos were then composited onto a background I had the honor of putting together from frames in the film and assets I painted. Check out the video below for a quick overview of the PAX East event by IGN.