Our friends at Sledgehammer Games and Activision Blizzard reached out in the summer of 2017 for assistance introducing the upcoming game's co-operative zombie survival mode. 

Our production was a 2-pronged approach, telling the stories of siblings divided by continents and war efforts, one in the name of science, the other in the name of duty. 

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In addition the the digital and physical artifacts produced, I created art for calling cards, a type of in game cosmetic item. 


The Armed Mind team produced real life, physical assets (letters, boxes, photographs) that not only looked authentic to the era, but used paper stock and ink from that era, as well. These pieces of fake history were mailed to Call of Duty key opinion leaders, who documented their reactions to receiving and experiencing them on their social media channels.

As each of these real world packages made their way to key opinion leaders in the Call of Duty community, a parallel digital release was made through CallofDuty.com, detailing the other half of the story. 

I composed the digital pieces, painting, texturing and designing the pages and stamps themselves. 

Milena Westarb handled the handwriting in the journal pages.