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The Deadpool home entertainment window campaign won an insane 30 individual honors, including a Cannes Lion Silver and FIVE Webby Awards, as well as Four Shorty Awards. My deepest gratitude to the Armed Mind team, 20th Century Fox, Cannes Lions, and The Webbys.

Subtlety isn’t Deadpool’s game. Armed Mind's campaign was no different, thrusting the spandex-wearing superhero’s goods directly into the faces of fans. And it seems they loved it, making Deadpool Fox’s best performing Digital HD title in history.

CLIENT: Fox Home Entertainment

PROJECT: Deadpool Home Entertainment Global Marketing Campaign


  • Branding and Strategy

  • Campaign Ideation

  • Social and Digital Content

  • Original Videos and Cinemagraphs

  • Snapchat Campaign


Even with a kick-ass story, a bad-ass hero, and enough ass-accentuating spandex to make some moviegoers blush, Home Entertainment campaign faced unique challenges:

  1. Reenergize devoted fans and newcomers after the massively successful theatrical campaign

  2. Develop widely accessible initiatives without sacrificing Deadpool’s hilariously crude tone

Luckily, Deadpool loves breaking the fourth wall (and shameless self-promotion). Our anti-hero’s outrageous, self-aware personality lent itself to broad content that captured the tone of the film and got audiences noticeably excited (if you know what we mean).


Highjacking things is Deadpool's specialty, and everything from Coachella to Game of Thrones were targets.


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