Small Beginnings:

I’m working to complete a video sequence that’s going to fall somewhere between a short film and a teaser. Right now, it’s going to sit at about 5 minutes long, and I’m targeting the end of the year for release.


Wraiths is:

  1.  A consistent visual identity, story, or universe for me to flesh out over the next chapter of my life through experiments, collaborations, and pipeline development.

  2. A vehicle to communicate my understanding of the reality we inhabit, and a demonstration of my taste.

  3. A chance to learn and work work in a real-time pipeline. Interactive storytelling is going to be important.


THE WAY FORWARD – Plans and Timelines


The Calendar

  • JULY

    • Site buildout

    • Project directory consolidated

    • Blockout Completed

    • Animatic Locked


    • Environment builds, imports into UE4

    • Environment kits

    • Prop kits


    • Character models complete

    • Characters rigged and imported to UE4


    • Animations and choreography

    • Digital matte paintings


    • Finalize UVs+Textures where necessary

    • Confirm+Clear Music

    • Effects


    • Release and support assets, clips

    • Merch site+Designs

    • Record sequences, Comp pass

    • Go live!



Free time in the last 3 weeks has gone to getting comfortable in UE4. I’m hoping this will make setting all the effects and actors within the scene easier to work with and overall more modular through the course of the episodic content.

I really love seeing rough, in-progress work. Here’s a batch of sketches from UE4, Blender, and Photoshop establishing some of the shots.